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Welcome To JAMC

Though the people's movement 2046 was over, the creative hands of the youths were still active. Those hands wanted to lay a foundation stone for the development of humanity. So their mind was conceived with the idea of opening a campus. As a result, Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus was established in Birendranagar-2, Chitwan in 2050 B.S. It was initially an extension programmed of Saptagandaki M C, Bharatpur. Birendra Adarsha Higher Secondary School (BAHSS) fulfilled the lack though the campus had no any physical assets. The role of this community is immense for the proper functioning of this campus.
Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus started PCL education classes from 2050 and PCL management classes from 2051.The regular students who had passed PCL were in need of further education. They could hardly go elsewhere to get higher education. To fulfill such lack the campus decided to run B. Ed classes again as an extension.

Message from Campus Chief

Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus, located in Rapti municipality. The eastern part of Chitwan district, is determined to produce manpower that can meet the global need.

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